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Where is the Robotic Waterjet Cutting Used?

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2016-09-12 09:40:09 Click:

The most important application of robotic waterjet cutting is in the automotive interior industry.

The ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine is a high-energy water stream produced by multi-stage pressurization of ordinary water, and then through a very fine orifice, jetting and cutting at a speed of nearly one kilometer per second. This cutting method is called ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting.

The biggest feature of robotic waterjet cutting is the high-energy jet beam processing of non-heat sources. There is no thermal process during cutting, so it can cut all metal and non-metal materials, especially materials that are difficult or impossible to process with various thermal cutting methods.It has the characteristics of fast incision, smooth incision, no dust, no thermal deformation, no pollution, and reduced material waste. It can cut titanium alloy, copper plate, steel plate, aluminum plate, cast iron, granite, marble, ceramic tile, chemical fiber, wood, cloth, paper, leather, plastic and other materials.

It has been applied to precision processing enterprises such as aviation, automobile, military industry, stone, construction and decoration.

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