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Features of Waterjet Cutting Equipment and Robot for Automotive Interior

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2016-10-19 10:10:08 Click:

Features of Cutting Equipment for Automotive Interior

1.Flexible Processing

The rapid development of the automobile industry, the rapid changes in production models, the needs of small and medium batches, and multiple varieties. The robotic system is used as the actuator, and the types of processed parts can be replaced by changing the corresponding action program.

2. System Composition

The robotic waterjet cutting system for cutting is composed of a high-voltage system, a robotic cutting unit and an electrical control unit. The function of the high-pressure system is to provide high-pressure water as an energy source, and the robotic cutting unit is the actuator, which controls the spatial motion trajectory of the cutting head through programs. The electrical control unit is used to control the actions of high-voltage system, robot and functional components. According to the needs, the auxiliary system of the soft water system can also be selected according to the needs.

What are the Characteristics of Waterjet Cutting Robot?

-High stability: As the main body of the system, the Swedish ABB high-quality waterjet special high-performance robot (waterproof performance can reach the performance of putting all the robot in the water and then fishing them out without any treatment), PX high-quality high-pressure system, ultra-high pressure rotary valve and special tubing can minimize equipment failures and meet the needs of continuous production 24 hours a day.

-High efficiency: The continuous working pressure of the system can reach more than 4000bar, the cutting speed is fast and the cutting quality is extremely good. At the same time, the fixed two-station workstation configuration is adopted. While one fixed workstation is cutting and processing, the loading and unloading of the other fixed workstation is completed, which greatly reduces the waiting time of the equipment and improves the production efficiency.

-Simple and convenient operation: All functional parts of the system are automated. After the positioning mold is replaced, the corresponding processing program can be automatically called through the automatic identification function of the mold terminal. The operator only needs to operate the start and stop buttons on the control panel.

-High security: safety protection fence and infrared isolation barrier are installed around the equipment. When a operator strays into the protection zone during the working process of the system, the system will automatically shut down to protect the safety of the operator; complete alarm shutdown design, including water pressure, water shortage protection, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the whole machine, and when an alarm occurs, there are indicators that display the alarm content, so that the operator can quickly find and eliminate the fault.

-Intelligentization: The automatic counting function is realized through the digital counter on the console, and the operator can easily understand the number of cuts without manual counting; while the mold is installed on the workbench, the system can automatically identify the type of mold and automatically call the corresponding program.

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