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Why do Automotive Interior Parts Need to be Cut with Waterjet Cutting Robots?

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2016-11-17 10:53:55 Click:

Why do Automotive Interior Parts Need to be Cut with Waterjet Cutting Robots?(图1)Automotive roof interior parts now use a large number of non-woven materials. Non-woven materials will produce a large amount of suspended fiber dust during the cutting process, making the working environment of employees extremely harsh. If it cannot be effectively controlled, it will seriously affect the physical and mental health of employees.The processing quality and parameter consistency of the workpiece are also restricted by various anisotropies of materials. The processing of automotive interior parts is to design special tools and molds according to the characteristics of the workpiece surface. The design process is complicated and the price is high. Therefore, the production technology of automotive roof interior is in urgent need of breakthrough.The robotic waterjet cutting technology can realize the precise cutting of irregularly shaped workpieces as long as the corresponding control program is adjusted. The high automation and flexibility of robotic waterjet cutting is an inevitable trend in the processing of automotive interior parts. The waterjet cutting station of the waterjet intensifier pump and the ABB six-degree-of-freedom articulated robot has proved that the system has stable performance, good workpiece cutting quality and high production efficiency, and is suitable for popularization and application.

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